The Moment of Contemplation 

Sometimes perhaps, we have been trapped in a confusion of existence. We have forgotten our soul, lost our way in life. Furthermore, we have not contemplated what we have done. This seems to be a normal situation nowadays. Maybe we have several things that we love to do, wish to be or that matter and are meaningful to us. In a moment, we should try to consider what we have been through; we may find that it might not have been the right path for our lives.

From my perspective, it is important for all of us to look back and re-think our lives. Even if it means that we have to go through our sadness and painful feelings once again. 

 Ben Woolfitt is an artist who reconsiders himself through the process of making art. The Contemplation Exhibition presents Woolfitt’s drawings.  They originated from his sketch book which he carried with him wherever he has been traveling.   He drew in it every day.  

 Woolfitt said “I don’t require outside inspiration. It’s there; I just need the time to put it down. I can paint every day. I don’t need the mood. I don’t need the muse. I am ready – I just need the time to express myself. However, making art is a very lonely and sometimes painful process. It makes me re-think where I have come from, what I am and what I aspire to be. It makes me scratch the surface of my life, my soul every day. This is one of the only activities that makes me feel ecstatic.”

 In Woolfitts art works titled The Sun and the Moon- Man and Woman, April 6, 2006, This Morning I knew just where this was going and Now.., June 22, 2006 and The Sun and the Moon - In passing, November 24, 2006, I see a series where Woolfitt presents his story and his soul in the moments of the balance of life as it should be. Also, there are several of his works such as On Sunday Morning, June 4, 2006 or On the Castellano, In the Early Part of the Day, January 15, 2007 which show skillful drawing and painting techniques. He also uses some words both in his art works and in the titles in order to express his emotions. This exhibition is a meaningful moment for us to see Woolfitts life and just maybe, it could lead us to try to reconsider our lives.

 In my eyes, the important thing for the artist and perhaps for all of us it is to be able to let go of our own nature. In one sense, it is an ability to contemplate ourselves between imagination and reason, or between mind, soul and reflection of our conscious and unconscious states. 

 “The first foot step is important in life, perhaps the step backwards, is actually the same?”

Chatchadawan Kaewtapaya
May 2007
Inspired by: Sophie’s world.